Understanding Your Hospital Bill

We understand that you may have many questions regarding your hospital account. Therefore, we wanted to answer some of the more commonly asked questions.

The Billing Process:

What you can do to help:

Each time you receive services, an account is created in your name.

We will process your account based upon the information you provide to us. Please make sure your demographic information is current.

As a convenience to you, we will assist you by billing your insurance company.

In order to expedite the proper billing of your insurance, please make sure you provide us with your current insurance card when services are rendered. Also, it is important that you understand the benefit coverage offered by your insurance plan(s).

We will send a statement showing that your insurance was billed.

Please make sure all information is correct. If you have insurance that is not listed on your statement or if you have any questions, please immediately call a billing representative at (406)363-3228.

We will wait to receive payment from your insurance company.

You are ultimately responsible for your account, so please stay involved with your insurance company.

When our office receives payment from your insurance company, we will bill you for any remaining portion (e.g. co-pay, co-insurance, deductible, non-covered services, etc.).

When you receive our statement, please pay the balance on your account promptly or contact (406)363-3228 for assistance.

You should receive a Medicare Summary Notice ("MSN") or an Explanation of Benefits ("EOB") from your insurance company, which explains what your insurance paid and what remaining balance is your responsibility.

If you do not receive an MSN or EOB, or if you have questions regarding your health benefits, please contact your insurance company directly by calling the number listed on your insurance card.

If you do not have insurance, our financial counselors will assist you in exploring all resources for assistance.

If you communicate with us about your situation, we can often offer assistance.

Once an account becomes patient's responsibility, you will receive a statement showing the balance due for each date of service. Periodic statements will be sent in order to keep you informed regarding the status of your account(s).

We want you to know that we are here to serve you. Please let us know if you have questions regarding your account(s) or if you would like to discuss payment options. Our Customer Service Team can be reached at (406)363-3228.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. Why do I receive more than one bill for services:

    The hospital statement shows charges incurred that are due and owing to the hospital. You may also see hospital charges for x-ray, laboratory, medications, and other supplies and/or equipment. Physicians not employed by the hospital, on the other hand, will bill separately and are not part of the hospital bill you receive. Examples of physicians who bill separately include: cardiologists; radiologists; pathologists; anesthesiologists; and, other specialists. You are responsible for taking care of both the hospital and physician bills. If you have any questions regarding your physician's bill, please refer to the phone number printed on the physician's statement.

  2. I never went to the Hospital:

    We provide a wide array of services. In fact, you may never meet some of the doctors, such as radiologists or pathologists who provide care for you behind the scenes. For example, your doctor may have referred lab work over for testing. When this happens, you will receive a statement from the Hospital. If you have any questions, please contact us at (406)363-3228.

  3. Can I receive one statement for multiple dates of service:

    For your convenience, accounts that become patient responsibility within thirty (30) days of one another will automatically tie together after the first statement is sent. After the accounts tie, you will receive one statement for multiple dates of service. If multiple accounts become patient responsibility outside of thirty (30) days from one another, the accounts will not automatically tie together. However, you can contact our Customer Service Team and request that all active accounts be tied together.

  4. I have questions regarding my account:
    • I would like to discuss payment options.
    • I would like to speak to someone in person.
    • I would like to check the status of my financial assistance application.
    Please see our Contact Tab for more information.
    • I would like to mail in a payment.
    • I would like to make a payment over the telephone.
    • What types of payment do you accept?
    Please see our Payment Option Tab for more information.
    • Do you have financial assistance?
    • I would like to download an application.

    Please see our Financial Assistance Tab for more information.

We are here to assist you with questions concerning your account.